Saturday, March 7, 2009

Menu Planning

This is going to take awhile. I'm still in the process of figuring out how to do it myself, but I thought I would share what I do know, what I've tried and what works for me.

First off, menu planning saves time, money, stress and I really enjoy doing it! Well, when I don't let myself get overwhelmed that is. I love, love, love searching for new recipes. Books from the library, Recipe Zaar, other blogs and not to mention cookbooks. I'm new at being a wife (well, a year this coming and a cook of my own kitchen. I tried things growing up and could make some basics, but it wasn't until I had my own kitchen that I started to truly cook. All that to say, I am constantly trying new recipes. Most meals begin with "It's an experiment, Honey!" Thankfully he doesn't mind. While I think I will always be the type to try at least one new thing a week, I hope to one day have a long list of ole' standbys.

I'm still in the process of making this a routine and it is not law, I change what we are eating that night depending on what sounds good. :-)

Some links that have helped me:

And someday I will take some pictures of what I use and what works for me. :-)

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  1. thanks for posting this... I have been trying to menu plan for a while now and I always end up stressing over it. I don't know how to make it simple.. next time we get together we should talk! because I need heeelllpppp!!!) love ya! :)