Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Visual Homemaking Journal

I've always been a sporadic journaler, mainly during a time of travel or intense learning do I consistently keep one. But every time I have skimmed through my past writings, I am amazed and reminded by the things the Lord had been teaching me at the time (and quite regularly I didn't realize it at the time!) and the incredible experience the Lord has given me the opportunity to have.

I've had several beautiful journals that I justified buying from Barnes and Noble because of the dignified reason of recording a trip or something, but really, my favorite journal is my current one, inspired by Ann from Holy Experience. A dear friend introduced me to the idea, and I immediately began searching for the perfect medium to create such a diary. 

Here are a few shots of mine, but for a better explanation of how to accomplish something similar, there is a tutorial at Holy Experience.

Unfortunately, I could only find a basic, textured, black journal, but the pages were made for this and I'm alright with a boring outside, because I know what's inside. I use a rolling tape dispenser that is typically used for scrapbooking, and works well for this. 

This helps, because one of my favorite things to do is tear out what I like from magazines so I don't have to keep the whole thing. I hope to post some other time what I like to do with the rest of my tear-outs. It's kind of fun. :-)

I record what's going on in our lives, pray, write verses, lists, goals, quotes and anything else that I may want to remember. It's a good way to save pictures of fun ideas too. There are no rules. 


  1. Oh, how perfectly lovely!! I'm glad you blogged yours. I'm still in search of a good notebook...

    And I like your background! There is a part of your background that says an image has been deleted from photobucket though....don't know what that's about. Maybe I just see it?

  2. i just love love love this idea. When I was over your house and you showed me this- I was truly inspired! I love your photos in this post! and i luv u! :) that worked out great! :) see ya around girly! much love!