Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'll give it a try...

I have been told…ahem…encouraged to have a blog. I've been putting it off, nervous of my writing abilities. But it was suggested to me that I post what I've been finding, learning and trying.

This dear friend is a blogger herself, and I couldn’t help but post what she had to say:

"And another thing. I've concluded that you must make yourself a blog. Now hear me out... It could be a very maintainable blog...where all you would need to post were internet "finds" of yours - directing people to a good recipe you found to be made easily/cheaply...or cute projects like this... Then you could, optionally, include a picture of your own end result, etc. You're really good at finding fun little nooks
and crannies of the internet. It'd be fun!!" ~

I have found some amazing blogs, recipes, tips, crafts...ect. I decided it really would be a good way to share what works for me from my searching. I love spreading good ideas and most of all, finding easier, more frugal, fun ways of doing anything and everything.
She convinced me! So here goes...

P.s. the credit for finding the project listed above goes to Thoughts Caught on a Web.


  1. YAAAAAAAYYY!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am for you to be joining the blogosphere!! :)

    I'mma gonna go fix my links now and add you!

    Another little yay!

  2. wow! thanks for the credit line!!!! I'm so excited you have a blogggg!!! this is wonderful! And isn't it fun?? yaaahhhoooooooo!